Health Equity

Housing cost burdened

Percentage of renters and owners who spend more than 30% of annual household income on housing

About this data measure

  • Housing – including affordability, quality, safety, and stability – is one of the best-researched social determinants of health given the connection between housing and health outcomes and health care costs. (Source: Health Affairs)
  • In 2022, Rhode Island saw an improvement in those who are housing cost burdened but Rhode Island remains above the national average for this indicator and ranks poorly when compared to other states in the nation.
  • National studies indicate that the share of cost-burdened renter households was significantly higher among households of color compared to White households. Similar data are needed at the local level to better understand disparities.
  • Housing cost burden is also a Rhode Island Health Equity Measure.

Measure Source: American Community Survey

Housing cost burdened over time